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What to Expect

Knowing what to expect before you visit, makes actually visiting much easier. The information below gives you all the information you need to help make your visit a little easier.

How Do I Get There?

We are located at 6211 Murray Dr.

Hanahan, SC 29410 (map)

What Time Does the Service Begin?

We offer two worship services on Sunday morning – an early service at 8:30 and a second service at 11:00.

Where Should I Go When I Arrive?

That depends on when you come.

If you plan to attend our service at 8:30, your first stop will be our auditorium (unless you are dropping off children in our nursery). Children who plan to attend children’s church will be dismissed from the service.

If you plan to join us for Sunday School (9:45) you will attend a class. We will have greeters ready to show you your class options.

If you plan to attend our second service at 11:00, your first stop will again be our auditorium (unless you are dropping off children in our nursery).

What Is There for My Children?

We have some exciting plans that we will be rolling out after the first of the year that will impact this answer. But for now, we offer Children’s Church during our 8:30 service and Sunday School classes at 9:45am. Currently, there is no children’s church program during our 11:00am worship service. We also offer a nursery for newborns through age 3.

What is the Music Like?

The music used at Highland Park Baptist Church is designed to help people worship God, learn Bible truth, fellowship with others, and express faith in Christ.   The style of music may vary in each of our Sunday morning worship services, but whether old or new, all music is in harmony with God's Word and performed in such a way that glorifies God. 

In our early service the music is led by a worship leader, a praise team and live instrumentalists. (Currently guitar and keyboard).  The primary style of music leans more toward current trends that include contemporary arrangments of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. 

The music in second service is led by a worship leader, the Celebration Choir and live instrumentlists. (Currently piano and organ). The primary style of music leans more toward the blended approach using psalms, hymns and spiritual songs from a broad range of writers and copyright dates.   

What are the Sermons Like?

The sermons in both services are almost identical. They usually last 25-30 minutes. Our pastor usually focuses on one passage of Scripture. He seeks to explain it, help us understand it, and then apply it to our lives. Our goal is to both be challenged and leave changed as a result of our time in God’s Word.

How Long is the Service?

The services are about an hour long.

Do I have to give any money?

No. We do pass an offering plate in both services in order for our members to give, but there is no expectation that visitors give anything.

What Should I Wear?

Those who attend our early service are typically dressed in more casual attire. It’s not uncommon to see people wearing business casual to jeans and a polo.

In our second service there is a mix of business casual to suits and ties. Regardless, you are welcome to wear whatever you feel comfortable in. You will not feel out of place.

Will I be embarrassed from the stage?

Absolutely not. We will welcome all guests, but no attention will be drawn to you specifically.

Have a question we didn’t answer? E-mail us at mail@hpbchanahan.com