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Between the Sundays Blog

What I Loved Most About VBS at Highland Park

VBS wrapped up just a couple of hours ago. It is hard to believe that this week is already over. It was a blast!

I thought I would share a few things that I loved most about VBS at Highland Park this week.


1- Seeing the potential for ministry moving forward

 We had over 200 kids every day. A good number of those do not attend church anywhere. What an opportunity that is for us. Even if 50% of the families attend church elsewhere, that is over 100 kids who need to be reached.

What would happen if we become passionately committed to reaching these families for Christ?

2- Seeing people of different generations working together to accomplish a common goal

I absolutely loved seeing people in their 80s work right beside people in their 20s. We had people of all different generations working together to reach people. They laid their preferences aside and united behind the goal of reaching people.

What would happen if we all had this mentality all of the time?

3- Seeing kids learn about God’s love for them

I loved watching kids learn about God’s love for them. Our goal this week was to plant seeds of Truth into every heart. Many kids said their favorite part of each day was the Bible study class.

Don't you look forward to the day (in the near future) when we have a growing and thriving children's ministry where the excitement we saw this week is demonstrated every week?

4- Seeing so many volunteers involved

We had over 80 volunteers every day. Without them, this week would not have been possible. While it was an exhausting week, it was having so many people involved that made everything run so smoothly. This kind of commitment and involvement is always needed if we are to do what God has called us to do.

It really was a great week. 'Thank You' to everyone who sacrificed and invested time into this ministry to others.