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6 Ways To Become More Committed To Individual Outreach

Outreach is buzz word in church ministry. Churches have outreach events, outreach services, and outreach conferences.

With all the focus on outreach in the context of the church, there is a danger in losing sight of the responsibility to be involved in personal outreach.

Outreach is not just a church function; it is an individual responsibility. It is something to which each person should be committed.

With that in mind, here are 6 ways you can be more committed to individual outreach.

1- View your place of employment as a missions field.

If we view where we work as our missions field, we become more focused on our purpose of making disciples. It is no longer just a job. Our job is a means of accomplishing our God-given purpose.

2- Make a list of all the people in your life who you believe to be an unbeliever, and then pray for them daily.

Many times we fail to reach out to the unbelievers in our lives because we don’t even realize who they are. Making a list of them and praying for them on a regular basis causes us to view them differently. You will become more patient toward them, more intentional in your conversations with them, and more concerned about them.

3- View every conversation as an opportunity to point people to Christ.

Every conversation is an opportunity. I’m not talking about telling someone they are headed to Hell every time you talk to them. I am saying that you can weave your testimony, what God is doing in your life, and what you are learning into regular conversations in a nonthreatening way.

4- Look for opportunities to demonstrate Christ’s love to others who are hurting.

If you know someone is going through a difficult time, has a need, or is hurting, look for a way to minister to them. Let them know you are praying for them. If they have a need you can meet, do so. Live out the love of Christ. 

5- Make yourself available.

If people know you are available they will be more willing to come to you when they are going through a difficult time. People are always looking for those who care. Be that person.

6- Be intentional about building relationships.

When going to the bank, visit the same teller. Have the same person cut your hair. Let the same person check you out at the grocery store on each visit. The point is to do what you can to cross paths with the same people again and again so that a familiarity can grow and a relationship can be built.

Closing Thought

We all have more outreach/evangelism opportunities than we realize, and significantly more than we take advantage of. Let’s strive to be intentional and look for ways to point people to Christ.

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