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6 Things To Remember When You Get Bad News

6 Things To Remember When You Get Bad News

Do you remember the last time you received some really bad news?

Perhaps it was the news that a loved one had passed away. Maybe you unexpectedly lost your job. Or perhaps it was news from a doctor that the test results were not good.

How are we to respond when we get bad news? Here are a few things we need to be sure to remember.

1- While you may feel all alone, you're not.

There are always more people praying for you than you realize.

2- You need the encouragement of other christians.

As tempting as it may be, do not become isolated. That is perhaps the worst thing you can do. God has placed other Christians in your life. Lean on them and rely on God's encouragement that can come through them.

3- People really do want to help. Let them!

I know you will feel as though you are being a bother to others, but you're not. People love you and the way they demonstrate that love is by helping and assisting you. Let them demonstrate that love. You need to see it, and they need to show it.

4- Always remember that God is good and can be trusted.

The basis of trusting God is not found in an understanding of what God is doing, but in understanding who He is.

5- Serving and helping others is the best thing you can do.

I know what you are thinking. You think you have enough problems of your own. The temptation will be to focus on yourself, which can lead to depression or self-pity. Serving others fights against those tendencies.

6- Your identity is not defined by your trial; it is defined by your relationship with Christ.

Your trial does not define you; your relationship with Christ defines you. You can rest in the fact that regardless of what turns your life takes, regardless of how long the trial lasts, and regardless of the outcome, your identity is in Christ -- and that is unchanging.

The next time you receive some bad news try and remember these six truths. It really will help make a difference.

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