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4 Things to Remember When God is Silent


We all go through those times in life when God is silent. We cry out to God but hear nothing in response. These times in life can rattle our faith. They can cause us to question everything. Many people in the Bible such as David, Job, and Joseph faced this.

What is it that we need to understand in those times when God is silent? Here are four things to keep in mind.

1- God’s Silence Does Not Indicate Inactivity.

Just because God is not speaking does not mean that He is not working. God is always at work. It might not be on our time-table or on our schedule, but God is at work.

2- God’s Silence Does Not Mean He Is Not Listening.

The tendency is to think that because we cannot hear God He must not be listening. When we begin thinking this way we stop crying out to God. We begin to incorrectly assume that since He is not listening, He must not care. Therefore, there is no need in me calling out to Him or relying on Him.

The reality is that when God is silent, we need to rely on Him even more.

3- Sometimes We Don’t Hear God Because We Are Talking Too Much.

Perhaps we can’t hear God because we are too busy advising God as to what He needs to do. Being quiet does not mean that we stop crying out to God or that we don’t demonstrate our dependence upon God, but it does mean we stop giving God advice.

We need to stop treating God like our spare tire that is there in case of emergency and more like our steering wheel that guides us every step of the way.

4- God Wants To Teach Us Through Our Circumstances.

Since God is in control, is always at work, and has our best interest in mind, we can conclude that whatever we are going through is a tool in God’s hand to teach us and grow us.

The key is our response. Patience is what is needed. However, we should remember that patience is not a passive concept. It is not sitting back and doing nothing. It is actively doing what we know we should be doing while we wait on God to speak and intervene concerning our current trial.

Closing Thought

There are going to be times in life when God is silent. I have been there and responded incorrectly. I have learned that even though God may seem to be silent, He still speaks. If you are in a valley and it seems that God is silent, spend more time in Scripture and realize that God is speaking to you through His Word.

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